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The Mortgage Investment Association of British Columbia was formed in 1917 to represent mortgage lenders in dealing with government and the public in addressing issues of common concern. Our 200+ corporate membership base consists of commercial and residential lenders, Banks, trust companies, life insurance companies, mortgage companies and credit unions as well as mortgage insurers, appraisers, law firms, accountants, environmental consultants, mortgage brokers and technology suppliers.

The mandate of the MIABC is not only to represent the interests of its Members but also to foster the interaction and networking of its membership. From September to June of each year, regular monthly luncheon events are held in downtown Vancouver. The Luncheons commence at 11:45am and adjourn at 1:30pm and our guest speakers address such topics as economic forecasting to related current events to industry updates.

The MIABC also hosts a Charity Golf Tournament in early summer, as well as an AGM and Summer Social including speakers and networking. Another popular feature of the AGM is an address by the MIABC’s Legal Counsel on current or pending legislative developments, which may have an impact on the mortgage industry.

The MIABC is a growing organization and welcomes new members and guests to its many events.

If your organization would like to apply for membership to the MIABC, please complete the membership application by clicking on the Become a Member application link on the left.

If you have any questions concerning membership with the MIABC, please do not hesitate to contact the MIABC Membership Chair at

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