Message From The President

Since 1917 the Mortgage Investment Association of B.C. has been an active real estate industry association, working to build professionalism and a strong network among a wide range of real estate professionals with an interest in mortgage lending.

In 2010, the MIABC was incorporated as a legal non reporting society in the province of BC, in what has marked the start of a series of modernizing changes for the Association.

In 2011, the board presented and members approved a revised constitution with broader criteria for membership that includes retiring members. There is no doubt that these changes have encouraged the transfer of knowledge and mentoring that is required to ensure a bright and sustainable future for our Association.

The MIABC revolves around all financial matters, both domestic and international.  We’ve witnessed first hand the continued volatility in our local and global economy; we continue to have front row seats to our neighbours to the south selecting a new President, and we here in Vancouver continue to be amazed by strong escalation in Vancouver house prices that seem to defy the experts. Across the country we’ve experienced a remarkable Toronto Raptors season, Justin Trudeau’s sweeping election win, and the shocking Game of Thrones finale. 

For the MIABC, the 2015 - 2016 term was highlighted with some important achievements including:

  • Continuous upgrades to member experience and user functionality on the MIABC Website.
  • Great line-up of speakers, including our annual market update and forecast provided by Helmut Pastrick.
  • Increased turnout to our monthly lunches and special events.
  • Last but not least, a complete sell-out golf tournament benefiting the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. 

I would like to thank the entire MIABC Board for their support and volunteer contribution to the Association.  The members include:

  • Jeff Puhl, Past President
  • Mark Baron, Vice President
  • Andy Pham, Treasurer
  • Rosemary John, Secretary
  • Amanda Magee, Director
  • Sam Dayal, Director
  • Barry Fenton, Director
  • Janice Funke, Director
  • Jim McGregor, Director
  • Lonnie Neufeld, Director
  • Cherie Devisser, Director
  • Wes McCrorie, Director
  • Derek Townsend, Director
  • Aaron Chee, Director

This year marks 2 notable departures from the board; Joel McLean and John Lynch.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your combined 15 years of volunteer service to this organization. There is no doubt your contributions have helped shape the MIABC to what it is today and for that we are exceptionally grateful. Personally, it has been a pleasure to work with and get to know you both. 

As well, I would like to give a big thanks to our Executive Coordinator, Michelle Holst, and a most valuable volunteer, Irene Forsberg, thank you for all your help and support throughout the year you two.

Finally, and this should be the first item, it is the members of the MIABC that make this industry association such a valuable part of BC’s real estate and mortgage investment community. So thanks to all the members that support the activities of the MIABC and continue to pay their dues and come out to the events. I really appreciate it!

As current President of the MIABC, please accept my sincere thanks for the great opportunity given to me by the MIABC members.


Lea Billard

President, MIABC 2016 - 2017

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